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Bioregulatory Therapeutical process

Bioregulatory medicine relies on detailed patients’ history, dietary habits, laboratory assessment of nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxicities by diagnosing multiple factors involved in system imbalance. The initial consulatations examine the nature of breakdown of eliminatory pathways and diagnosis should define the dysregulatory nature of eliminatory insufficiency and intricate psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrine systems regulation. Psychological stress is disturbing endocrine system and causing adrenal and insulin increased production followed buy its depletion.

The Biomedic evaluation starts with your medical history and conventional medical check-up where necessary, and includes a detailed history of psychological development, emotional issues and stress management. Nutritional and lifestyle analyses follow, often in conjunction with laboratory analysis of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxicities. Your Biomedic doctor then examines the posture of your body and evaluates muscular tension, joint mobility, connective tissue pull, the flow of blood, lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluids, and works out the energetic status of your body.

The purpose of the initial Biomedic treatment is to establish your individual status of constitutional and acquired Health weaknesses. The follow-up treatments aim to bioregulate all existing Health imbalances.

The Biomedic Integrated Bioregulatory Medicine facilitates homeostatic mechanisms (self-regulatory processes) that actively restore overall Health.
Biomedic upholds Hippocrates medicine and aligns it with a new millennium understanding of quantum reality and system theory.