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Restorative Treatment

Restorative treatment is a combined body-mind-energy approach in order to eliminate factors which dysregulate homeostasis. It includes nutritional changes aided by supplementatin of defficient minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. The protocol often includes intensive juicing in order to replenish quickly missing nutrients.
Detoxification is a next step of 'clearing' toxic debris embedded in the tissue. Each system (i.e. liver, urinary, skin, lymphatics) is carefully monitored and detoxified in order to enable responsiveness of the informational loops which is a backbone of bioregulation. Various nanopharmacological remedies are used in order to initiate blocked function.
Psychological and body-orientated work is continually applied as it is enabling better elimination by manual lymphatic drainage. But it also identifies blocked areas and activate meridian and neural (trigger) points of restrictions and tension which releases overal system.

After successful restorative (curative) protocol, patients are often referred to our preventative protocol for health mantainence.