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Stress release

Bioregulatory Medicine view patient as a biological system of hierarchical controlling levels. The communication among its subsystems is attained by information flow via homeostatic feedback loops.

Central nervous system send information to endocrine, immune and vegetative nerves, which in turn influence system balance and health.
Belief of allowing psychological stressors to remain in the system gradually deplete neurotransmitting molecules causes mental symptoms and feeling low and depressed, often followed by anxiety and restlessnes, due to upsurge of recovered neural mediators.
Connections with lower systems can impair physiological function being intrinsically built into the system, causing symptoms of musculo skeletal nature, gastro-intestinal pain, hypertension or various endocrine disorders.

As a response to stress body increases production of cortisol and adrenaline, increasing metabolic function and sugar blood level. This has severe metabolic consequences with insulin receptors imbalance and developement of diabetes or adrenal depletion.

Biological anti-stress protocol 're-set' disturbed pattern of electrical signalling within the system and 're-programming' mental processing.
It includes Biomedic bodywork of releasing somatic blockages and neural trigger points. Psychological re-processing utilisies combined protocol of behavioural technique and Ericsonian psychotherapy. EFT and Bioenergetics are body-mind approach which releases habitual body responses in stressful situation.
Above techniques have objective of changing perception of psychological stressors, by learning to 'let-go' of old beliefs and inducing personal consciousness growth.

Bioregulatory medicine also removes obstacles for normal endocrine function by adequate supplementation, detoxification and application of the informational remedies which can stimulate receptors and endocrine cells.