Detoxification | Bhomf


Cellular metabolic activity leaves toxic residue removed by lymphatic system. It is carried out by blood for further processing and elimination.

Water soluble molecules are removed by urine, sweat and exhalatory vapour, while fat soluble ones are processed by liver and excreted in bile. However, some synthetic compounds can not be fully metabolised as well as radioactive and heavy metals (mercury, aluminium, nickel, cadmium, lead). They are difficult to be eliminated naturally and remain in fat tissue, gradually deposited in organs' matrix and cells, interfering with normal cellular function.

It is vital to incorporate lifestyle chages and decrease contact with toxic chemicals and from time to time apply detoxifying and eliminative strategies. Detoxifying procedure need to be applied in a successive steps, ensuring complete tissue clearance.

Prevention includes detoxifying protocol of skin, lungs, lymphatics, liver & gastrointestinal and urinary systems, combined with increased antioxidants and binding agents to prevent cellular damage.