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The evolution of the art of Medicine is challenging the present boundaries of body-orientated medical doctrine to acknowledge the multi-dimensional uniqueness of human nature. Challenge of the medicine is to revise the present medical scientific foundation and to bring in a new level of science based on quantum physics, system theory and a psychosomatic model.

Pharmacological drugs are chemically active molecules, which react with cellular biochemistry bioavailable at the site and in sufficient concentrations. Pharmacological action causes immediate physiological response by substituting patients’ innate homeostatic regulation and without correction of the steps that preceded disease. On the other hand Bioregulatory Medicine integrates medical sciences of homeopathy, biochemistry, immunology, toxicology and clinical medicine based on physiological homeostasis in order to self correct faulty responses.

Bioregulatory principles are based on assessment of the overall physiological systems and its ability for homeostasis and bioregulation. It discerns factors involved in micro function at cellular and intercellular function and macro function of larger physiological systems. Bio regulatory medicine aims to restore adequate homeostatic mechanisms by restructuring milieu (microorganism flora, tissue pH, detoxifying pathways) and replenishment of water, mineral and other nutrients (vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids). Once body is re-hydrated and re-mineralised additional measures are applied to correct faulty cybernetic loops by regulation of matrix, immune, hormonal and neural systems.

Integrated medicine

Integrated medicine of 21st century should be eclectic and include psychosomatic, bioenergetic and bioregulatory principles in order to effectively treat and prevent new diseases caused by changes in modern environment.

A psychosomatic process is a direct result of the faulty awareness of a patients’ consciousness. It is at the core of psycho-neuro-endocrino/immuno somatic responses. Consciousness is regarded as a philosophy but not a science and this humanistic component has to be included in a revised medical dogma. Psychotherapy needs to redefine itself by acknowledging the faulty awareness of the patient, an altered perception within the psychosomatic core and patient ability to become self-aware as Maslow described in his selfactualised person. The incorporation of a psychosomatic therapeutical work based on the “reprogramming” negative and detrimental associations should be part of a each medical protocol.

Structured water and ions makes our body highly charged bioelectrical system. Water content fluctuate between gel and sol state and create channels within intra and extracellular space. Solute, and waste is transported down the osmotic gradients to and from cell. Functional ability of the ground matter and connective cells such as adipose, mast cells and fibroblasts, in conjunction with nervous system, determine bio regulatory ability of the mesenchyme. Concept of bioenergy is another dimension of our function and has a valid part of medical treatment.

Bioregulatory medicine addresses molecular base in pathogenesis and therapy including cell milieu. Interstitial environment carries specific information and rigidity is present in chronic disease caused by obstruction of bioelectric and chemical flow within matrix.

There are emerging problems of new disorders, which do not fit within existing nomenclatures. In everyday practice physicians are facing disorders with atypical clinical picture such as ME, abdominal discomfort, fatigue and borderline symptomatology makes diagnosis inconsistent. Due to lack of clear diagnostical delineation and fragmented approach to patient, therapy in those cases will be inadequate.

Parameters of bio regulation

Biochemical and bioenergetic communication between cells is based on the vast information flow enabling body to function as open non-linear self-regulating cybernetic system. Since multitude of information enters our system from within and outside, human bio-system is extremely dynamic and flexible. Innate Bio regulation - homeostasis has developed as an adaptive mechanism capable of correcting the most excessive of imbalances. Homeostatic mechanism needs to have control centres, which are receiving signal, provided by receptors sites designated for these regulatory input. Every feedback circuit is part of other loops as a part of overall organism. In case of pathological stimulus its effectors becomes temporary over regulated in order to re-establish equilibrium. Initiation for bio regulation is disturbed function as a manifestation of certain variables beyond normal limits. When function is disturbed beyond physiological homeostasis, regulatory processes like inflammation and fibrosis are set off.

Dr Reckeweg introduced pathophysiology of the disease based on the concept of Vicariation. Disease progresses in stages according to level of homotoxins accumulation. Toxins should be completely eliminated by physiological excretion through capillary and lymphatic system. Inability to produce waste removal will cause movement towards next stage of vicariation principle. First pathological response is at humoral level known as an inflammation. Further stage of vicariation process will progress into matrix depositon and impregnation phase. Final stage of vicariation is degeneration and dedifferentiation of the cells (cellular phase) and malignancies.

Bio regulation is reversing this process and bio regulatory medicine endeavours to cater for necessary factors to reverse vicariation. Therapeutical process based on these principles can bring resolution in reversal steps and patients experiencing aggravation(s) as they passes backwards towards humoral phases.

Bio regulatory medicine is based on basic homeopathic principles like Law of Similar, Arndt Shultz Law and Herring’s Law.
Law of Similars (“Similia similibus curentur”) states that disease in patients can be eliminate by applying remedies which are capable of inducing similar disease. Immune Bystander reaction may also explain immune involvement in Homotoxic remedies which are diluted in infitisemal molecular dosages. “By-stander” reaction acts through protein molecules in homotoxic preparations which are phagocytised and lysed into smaller chain amino acids of 5 to 15 segments or “motifs”. Back at the cell surface they link to a mayor histocompability complex (MHC). T 3 lymphocytes bind these motifs and release the inhibitory messenger or cytokines like TGF-? which block inflammation.

Arndt Shultz Law of minimal dosages is result of energetic nature of cellular structures. Matrix is made up of matrisomes or four molecular PG/GAG structural glycoproteins. They build as a tunnels which allow passage of transported substances. These tunnels are surrounded by structured water molecule- dipol magnet bound in semicrystalline or almost gel order which reflects a combination of water-solute and water-surface interactions plus capillary forces. The nature of a water in live organism is hydrocolloid or protein polymer network with protein and ionic structure. Structures with energetically minimal surfaces conduct ions and proteins that move in coordinated fashion and are influenced by a minimal input. This explains ability of even a single molecule of a homoeopathic substance to induce reaction from the matrices and response from bio regulatory cells (i.e. fibroblasts, cytokine producing cells).
Herring (Herring’s Law) described principle of regressive vicariation, which is taking place in upper parts of body or from above down; from more to less vital organs and in reverse order of disease sequence in progressive vicariation.

Minute quantities of bioactive molecules regulate components of “Great Defence System” on the principle that minimal stimulus can trigger bio regulation. Greater Defence System is cybernetic loop created by emotional part of CNS (central nervous system), ANS (autonomic nervous system) and PNS (peripheral nervous system), which are connected with endocrine system (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis, immune system (RES, Thymus, lymphatic nodes), and with peripheral cells and matrix. Matrix” is a biologically active area where ALL greater defence system elements converge. The matrix acts as a supplier and “corrector” of the cellular needs. All nutrients, informational molecules and electrical potential are influenced by matrix en route towards cells. In response to endocrine, neural and electrical information ground substance and regulatory cells in matrix releases bioactive chemicals, which influence information flow between cells and physiological higher centres. Detoxification is a concept which include successful elimination form the mesenchyme and on the larger physiological systems Liver, as a central detoxification organ.


In addition to new therapies based on scientific revision, new disease classifications are necessary in order to enable a causative approach. New classification must be based on the psychosomatic imbalance and vicariation progression. This model of Bio-Regulatory medicine is based on biochemical regulation, consciousness shift, rebalancing disturbances of bio energy patterns and functional ability of the tissue elimination.

Isolated therapies disjointed from scientific understanding or medical sub-specialisation in allopathic medicine are not reaching far. Homotoxicology is integrative model of medicine for 21st century with new ways of prevention and treatment applied “hand in hand” with allopathic disciplines. Diagnosis need to be expanded to incorporates energetic quantum process within existing psychosomatic mechanism.

Biomedicine is based on a revised scientific paradigm and provides a medical system that has been tested in practice with extraordinary success.