Who's it for? | Bhomf

Who's it for?

The bhf is primarily used by health professionals and qualified medical practitioners.

The book is designed so that members of public will find it very useful. It is very much a guide for the general public as well as healthcare professional, but it is advised that the general public consult their doctor before embarking on any medical treatment.

Everybody can benefit from maintaining its bioregulatory system by timely prevention and detoxification.

The bhf contains chapters on prevention, which describes preventative strategies in order to slow down early degenerative changes.

The exponential increase in Degenerative and Malignant disorders, allergies and arteriosclerosis is related to gradual disintegration of the finely tuned bioregulatory system.

Toxic accumulation in the tissue precipitate break down of this system and Detoxification chapter describes these health-orientated strategies.