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Clinic - Biomedic Centre

Biomedic Centre is a clinical institution which practices Bioregulatory medicine within the Biomedic system of health care.
The Biomedic System of Integrated Medicine is a drug free process oriented
therapy, where your principle therapist is a Medical Doctor with expertise
in alternative and complementary medicine.

Biomedic incorporates a broad range of conventional and complementary
therapies. Treatment is aimed at restoring and facilitating the
physical, psychological, nutritional, bioenergetic and environmental aspects
of the individual's Health.

Biomedically Integrated Health

  • Physical Health: Regulates musculoskeletal and connective tissue imbalances, neural entrapments, venous and lymphatic stasis and restrictions of the visceral organs.
  • Psychological Health: Optimises mental processing, emotional management and beliefs and perception.
  • Nutritional Health: Restores nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.
  • Bioenergetic Health: Realigns biofield and tissue restrictions of energetic points and meridians.
  • Environmental Health: Detoxifies and prevents negative environmental impact on one's Health.
  1. Restorative Treatment
  2. Preventative treatments
  3. Stress release
  4. Bioregulatory medicine
  5. Detoxification
  6. Laboratory Analysis
  7. Environmental medicine
  8. Bioregulatory Therapeutical process

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