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What is it?

The British Homoeopathic Formulary is the only annual compendium of homoeopathic medicines with detailed description of functions, indications and dosage that you will need.

The book is devised as a practical nanopharmacological compendium and the remedies are classified in accordance with their physiological action.

The British Homoeopathic Formulary summarises the current therapies and remedies using minute concentrations of drugs that stimulate the body to self-heal by correcting faulty homeostatic loops and without any side effects.

Categorisation is consistent with existing medical classification of disease making it easy for everyday use by medical practitioners. The remedies are listed in 22 chapters classified by physiological systems.

Nanopharmacological approach uses minute dosage of homoeopathic and homotoxic remedies combined with modern scientific approach. New pharmacological companies have been a growing market in recent years and is set to continue with European directives allowing these remedies wider usage within the EEC.

The British Homoeopathic Formulary is the only and first comprehensive guide to these remedies.