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About the editor


Dr Damir A Shakambet M.D., MRIPH, MRSH, MBRCP

Biomedic Centre
23 Manchester Street
United Kingdom
tel. 44(0) 20 7935 6880

Dr Damir A Shakambet M.D. was born in 1960, into a traditionally medical family, graduated as a Medical Doctor at 23 in 1984 and after working as a GP and in the hospitals, he embarked on an journey of exploring Bioregulatory Medicine within the system theory and cybernetics.

  • His methodology is based on the strengths of Hippocrates Medicine and modern scientific knowledge of selfregulatory capacity of homeostasis. Vis Cicatrix Naturae dictum is the basis of inducing remission of disease by facilitating physiological homeostasis. His interest are integrative protocol for treatment of chronic and degenerative disorders, and in the area of Preventative and Environmental Medicine. His research interests are clinical application of treating patients as an open biological system and discerning factors involved in its bioregulation.
  • He established in 1995, the Biomedic Centre in London, where he is practising today and refining the integrated Biomedic system of Bioregulatory medicine with a team of dedicated colleagues. He has incorporated various methodologies (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Homotoxicology, Homoeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Chiropractic techniques, Kinesiology, Iridology and integrated bodyworktechniques based on Shiatsu, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Bioenergetics and Postural Alignment into his practice of medicine.), into Bioregulatory medical concept of systems biology.
  • He is a prolific University lecturer, Founder and Chairman of the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, founder of the board registered specialist programme as a Training standards in Bioregulatory medicine worldwide, a member of the Royal Institute of Public Health, Royal Society for Promotion of Health, and has been an author columnist for daily papers. He is currently the main Editor of British Homoeopathic Formulary and Principal of the Diploma Course of Homoeotherapeutics and Bioregulation at the Biomedic Foundation, the medical research and education charity.