Nanopharmacology | Bhomf


The new homoeotherapeutic combinations are based on modern bio-medical science. These Nanopharmacological remedies are made of minute doses of biologically active informational molecules such as hormones and cytokines which are aiming to address a specific faulty homeostatic mechanism. The therapeutic potential of Homoeotheraputics is greater than ever, since it is now possible to target a particular faulty homeostatic feedback loop and re-establish its original informational flow.
Nanopharmacological effect can be explained by “by-stander” immune reaction. CD8 Lymphocytes are “patrolling” enteric epithelium and receive from macrophages number of new antigens including homotoxic or homoeopathic motifs. Th3 lymphocytes accept these motifs and spread via humoral systems being drawn into inflammatory tissue by chemotactic elements. Th (helper) lymphocytes proliferate into three kind of helper lymphocytes: Th1, Th2 and Th3. Th1 produce cytokines which are pro-inflammatory (IL2, IFN gamma,TNF), while Th2 lymphocytes produce anti inflammatory cytokines IL-4,5,10,13. Th3 are regulatory lymphocytes which recognise epitope of the same motifs and they start to produce TGF beta cytokines in conjunction with Th2 anti inflammatory cytokines, which down regulate excessive inflammatory response from Th1 lymphocytes.