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Bhf is an International annual edition with updated nanopharmacological remedies every March. It includes therapeutical principles of Bioregulatory medicine.
There are 22 chapters of listings of all physiological systems. You can have an exclusive pick inside the book to view some of the pages.

Bioregulatory medicine is a form of contemporary Hippocratic Medicine, which acknowledges intrinsic body capacity for self healing, referred to by Hippocrates as “Vis Medicatrix Naturae”. The therapy is based on a deductive approach to health, examining cellular structure in a context of inner and outer environments.

Bioregulatory medicine employs gentle and repeated therapeutic stimuli. The cellular responses are determined by a “less is more” principle, by means of molecular interplay of cytokines and messenger molecules. The remedies are applied in molecular doses as the Arndt-Shultz law states regarding the physiological effects of infinitely low dilutions.
The cumulative effect of subtle and persistent therapeutic stimulation induces homeostatic responses, such as inflammation, thus reversing disease back to the early formative stages of disease process.

Therapeutical Principles are based on the deficient micronutrients, detoxifies a body and administers minute dosages of complex Homoeopathic remedies, in order to restore disrupted homeostasis.

In order to rebalance different components of the biological system therapy renders responsive each link in the biofeedback loops. The remedies are only effective in a responsive cellular and matrix system. Detoxification is a vital part of the therapy enabling cellular or ground system responsiveness.
Ability of proteoglycans to keep the water and nutrients flow intact is additional factor which determines nutritive and biochemical system vitality to enable homeostasis self-correction.

Bioregulation of the higher system is a part of the therapy and remedies listed in the bhf provide insight into different levels of Neuro, endocrine and immune biofeedback modulation.